Is WordPress for All Small Businesses?

Starting up a venture, people struggle with the choice of the platform for their website. It is really for software houses and IT related ventures to decide, but for other kinds of ventures, this is a tough question. For small businesses, this is a great option. Some of the benefits and the features of WordPress are great. Being easy to use and set up, it powers more than 70% of all the websites. The price is non-existent i.e. the platform is completely free. This makes it great for all small businesses. Not having to pay for the licenses is a great deal for startups and small ventures. This helps keep the cost under a limit. Apart from just this one reason, is it suitable for small businesses? Let us have a look.

Ease of Use

Starting off, this is a great factor that helps in the decision for WordPress. Setting it up might be a little problematic for non-techies, other than that operating WordPress requires just some common sense. If you still face problem, there are thousands of resources available on the Internet. Moreover, it is very easy to operate WordPress and to keep posting updates. Everything is classified properly, labeled correctly so that you can keep updating the site in any way that you want. Over time, you can change the theme by just some clicks and install or delete some plug-ins to improve the performance of the website. Simply put, having it set up will not take much money, after that, you can maintain it yourself.

Abundance of Themes

When working with simple platforms, it is usually very hard to give your website a new theme. It requires countless hours of dedication and work (any developer/designer will tell you that it is not an Themeseasy job). With WordPress, that issue is resolved. You have thousands of themes at your disposal. They may be free or paid but they are definitely worth every penny. Even if you want to get that premium theme customized to reflect the ideology of your venture you can spend some dollars on it and then just click upload and activate to have it applied on your website. Not only can you find WordPress themes in the official repository, there are countless other websites and indie developers who have great WordPress themes as well. Moreover, most of the WordPress themes are greatly customizable so that you can have a unique look even if you are using the same theme as the next person.

Abundance of Plug-ins

PluginsUsually adding new functionality to a website is a tedious task. With WordPress and plug-ins you can add new functionality in a matter of minutes. There are thousands of plug-ins available all over the Internet, for all and any functionality you can possibly think of. May it be search engine optimization or caching, there is a plug-in for everything. Developers are benefitting from it by getting their work out there and the users are benefitting from the plug-ins by installing them on their site. Most of the plug-ins come with a thorough documentation, which makes them easy to use with the website. Although there are some limitations you can have a great deal done to your website by just installing the appropriate plug-in. You can install plug-ins to improve the security of the website, to improve the page rank, to improve the performance of the website and what not. Thus, the abundance of plug-ins make WordPress great for small businesses.

Thus utilizing the armada of free features, any small business can use WordPress to gain immense benefits. They will not have to pay a huge licensing fee and can easily operate through WordPress, even on a self-hosted blog/website. Using the great free/premium themes available, they can make their website stand out from the crowd and import great functionality on to it using the plug-ins. The cherry on top is the fact that it is very easy to use. People without any prior software/web development knowledge can make it work to their benefit. In conclusion, WordPress is definitely suitable for all small businesses, whatever it may be. Employing this platform can bear wondrous results.

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