25 Best WordPress Hotel Themes 2013

If you’re a business owner of hotel and want to give your customers the exhilarating feeling of relaxation and hospitality, the specialized wordpress theme is a must, which assists you in creating an appealing online presence. The WP hotel themes should have inherent features of bookings or reservations and enable you customize the booking form. Most of them can be used for any other type of services requiring a reservation system, such as Bed and Breakfast, spas, inns, guesthouse, resorts, sport centres, etc. With the integrated Google map, your customers can quickly locate you as well.


In this collection, we will showcase the best WordPress hotel themes, which can provide you an outstanding website to attract more customers and increase sales rapidly. Hope you will love it!


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1. The Palace
The Palace theme is best suited to build websites for hotel, B&B (bed and breakfast), guesthouse and inn but it’s so versatile that you can use it for everything you want (corporate website, portfolio…)
The Palace Theme
2. Imperial
Imperial hotel is a wordpress theme designed for hotel, resort and hostel websites. Featured in the homepage area, the slider, features and image carousel.
Imperial Theme
3. Guesthouse
Guesthouse Version 2 is a specialized wordpress theme for Hospitality Sector and Sport Centres or any other website that needs reservations. You can use it for any Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Guest House, Hostel, Campsites or any Sport Center offering Golf, Tennis, Squash – anything you can think of. Both Rooms module and Sports module can be renamed directly in the admin panel therefore you can use this theme for ANY simple reservations website.
Guesthouse Theme
4. Nice Hotel
Nice hotel is a WordPress theme designed for hotels, hostels, resorts, spas and any other type of service which requires a booking type system.
Nice Hotel Theme
5. HotelBooking
HotelBooking theme helps you create a beautiful, mobile friendly hotel website complete with booking and reservation management functionality. Hotel Booking is a sleek WordPress theme powered by the advanced Tevolution plugin and the Booking System add-on.
HotelBooking Theme
6. HotelPress
Developing a web presence for your hotel is an easy way to provide information, attract more customers, and rapidly increase sales. HotelPress was specially created to help hotel managers easily operate and manage their hotels.
HotelPress Theme
7. RoyalGold
RoyalGold is a unique responsive WordPress theme designed for luxury hotels, resorts, restaurans, spa/beauty centers, but can be customized for any business.
RoyalGold Theme
8. Welcome Inn
If you need a hotel oriented WordPress template, you have to try this one. It comes in 2 additional flavors: ski resort and spa.
Welcome Inn Theme
9. WpHotel
WP hotel WordPress theme is a premium WordPress theme specially build for hotel owners, theme that transforms your WordPress site into a fully functional Hotel web site with custom room booking system.
WpHotel Theme
10. Philoxenia
Welcome to Philoxenia. The beautiful WordPress theme specifically designed to showcase your hotel (or your client’s hotel) in style. Enjoy your stay.
Philoxenia Theme
11. Majestic
Majestic is an excellent WordPress theme with a modern design and a full-screen slideshow. With two different color styles, this theme is great for any type of hotel, B&B, SPA and other hospitality businesses.
Majestic Theme
12. SixtyOne
A classy hotel needs a classy website. Impress your potential customers with SixtyOne, the beautiful responsive Hotel/Resort theme.
SixtyOne Theme
13. Metropolis
Metropolis is an elegant WordPress theme with a classy design and a fully responsive layout. With easy customization options and a friendly layout, this theme is a great option for any hotel website.
Metropolis Theme
14. 5 Star
With the 5 Star WordPress theme you can create a beautiful hotel website coupled with extensive room management, booking and reservations functionality.
5 Star Theme
15. Lamoon
Lamoon is a sleek, sharp and clean responsive WordPress theme for your resort and hotel business. It was designed in the purpose of being the best suit for reflecting your modern image to the webisite.
Lamoon Theme
16. Hotec
Hotec is a sleek and clean responsive WordPress theme for your spa, resort and hotel business. However it’s so versatile that you can use it for everything you want (corporate website, portfolio…) The layout looks beautiful at any size, be it a laptop screen, iPad, iPhone, Android Mobile or tablets.
Hotec Theme
17. Castello
Castello is the perfect WordPress theme for private villas, holiday homes, holiday apartments, small B&Bs, etc. The focus on full-screen photography will keep your visitors engaged with your content.
Castello Theme
18. Aegean Resort
Welcome to Aegean Resort. The beautiful responsive WordPress theme specifically designed to showcase your hotel/resort in style. Enjoy your stay.
Aegean Resort Theme
19. Royal Chateau
Royal Chateau is an elegant WordPress theme designed for hotels, hostels, resorts, spas and other small businesses.
Royal Chateau Theme
20. Leonardo
Leonardo Theme is a modern theme with a classic two-columns, responsive layout. With 15 built-in color styles and easy customization options, this theme is a great choice for any hotel website.
Leonardo Theme
21. HotelMotel
Trying to impress your customers with your stylish, funky new website for your Hotel? Enter HotelMotel.
HotelMotel Theme
22. Palazio
Palazio is a WordPress theme designed for hotels, hostels, resorts, spas and other small businesses.
Palazio Theme
23. Vacation Rental
Vacation Rental is a advanced booking theme with the ability to manage multiple properties. It’s powered by the advanced Tevolution plugin and the Booking System add-on. This theme is an ideal solution for all of you looking to make money by renting out your vacation home.
Vacation Rental Theme
24. Soho Hotel
Soho Hotel is a WordPress theme designed for Hotels, Hostels, Service Apartments and any other kind of accommodation which requires a booking system.
Soho Hotel Theme
25. Viva Hotel
Viva Hotel is a powerful, feature-rich theme that lets you customize a wide variety of features from the comfort of your Dashboard.
Viva Hotel Theme


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