40+ Best Photography WordPress Themes 2013

As a professional content publishing platform, WordPress certainly meet the high design requirement of portfolio, gallery and photography websites. There are numbers of premium themes available for the exposure of your work. With them you will present your photos in a unique way. Photographers can really benefit from the themes by saving time to maintain their website and the cost for hiring a designer. It will be much easier to showcase your photos to the potential costomers and allow you to focus on your creative work.


In this collection, we will showcase the best Photography WordPress themes. With them you will present your photos in a unique way. Hope you will love it!


Afterwards, check out the very latest best Photography themes for this year.


1. Snap!
Snap! is a new, highly anticipated Responsive WordPress Theme. If you’re looking for a website for an art exposure this is exactly what you need. New, warm, stylish and creative this is only few words of a million that come to your mind immediately after you see it.
Snap! Theme
2. Glare
Are you a Photographer or a Model who needs to showcase his/her work? Search no more, Glare is the perfect theme for you.
Glare Theme
3. Fullscreen
Minimal design + responsive layout + fullscreen gallery = Fullscreen theme. It is a gorgeous photo gallery theme where the photos are put in center focus. Users can toggle to fullscreen mode by clicking on the fullscreen button and pressing escape key to exit the fullscreen mode.
Fullscreen Theme
4. Pace
Pace is a stylish portfolio and blog WordPress theme, but surely can be used for another purposes. The theme is ready for high resolution displays as well as perfectly responsive.
5. Escrinto
Escrinto is a very simple and useful Premium Theme, especially for people who need a photography website. It has a portfolio custom post which creates new possibilities and adds new features.
Escrinto Theme
6. PhotoPress
The clean design focuses the viewer’s attention on the artist’s work and its simple navigation enables quick page, portfolio and blog access.
PhotoPress Theme
7. Magnat
Magnat is a very simple and useful Premium Theme, especially for people who need a photography website. It has a portfolio custom post which creates new possibilities and adds new features.
Magnat Theme
8. Suheto
Suheto is Fullscreen Image Background Slider WordPress theme suitable for photographers and designers, powerful yet simple to set up and administer.
Suheto Theme
9. James 2.0
This Full Screen Extravagant portfolio theme speaks for itself and will definitely appeal to your audience. James has spectacular features in full screen to showcase your portfolio or store.
James 2.0 Theme
10. Gleam
Gleam was built to dazzle. With its flashy effects and smooth ajax loading techniques, this theme creates a truly unique experience that is sure to grab your visitor’s attention.
Gleam Theme
11. Origin
Origin is a stunning grid-based theme that tells a story through imagery. The theme creates a truly engaging experience by saturating the screen with your beautiful photos. The theme is also responsive, meaning it will look and work great on mobile devices as well. If you are an artist looking to showcase your latest work, or if you are a blogger looking to give your visitors a fun new way to browse your latest posts, then Origin is great choice for you!
Origin Theme
12. Analytical
Analytical is a full width WordPress theme built especially for photographers and others who want to feature more graphics on their website.
Analytical Theme
13. Memories
Are you a Photographer or a Model who needs to showcase his/her work? Memories is the perfect theme for you.
Memories Theme
14. Landscaper
Landscaper is a brand new Fullscreen Creative Business WordPress theme. It’s fresh & modern look with friendly features will make your website a standout. It’s both fun and easy to work with this theme.
Landscaper Theme
15. Sharpness
Sharpness is a a theme with main purpose of showcasing photography. If you are a photographer and already have beautiful images to start with, Sharpness will give you a new and exciting way to showcase them online.
Sharpness Theme
16. eGallery
eGallery is a theme made to transform your blog into a fully functional online gallery. This theme has been created with simplicity in mind, and is designed to emphasize the artwork you choose to showcase. The design has been greatly enhanced using javascript, and is easy to implement.
eGallery Theme
17. Shuttershot -Free
Shuttershot is a fullscreen slideshow template. This theme is ideal for photography websites to showcase their portfolio in style. The theme has option to use either a full screen slideshow on the homepage or a regular blog with image slideshow as the background.
Shuttershot Theme
18. DeepFocus
Now you can turn your WordPress blog into a fully functional online photo gallery while still maintaining all of the features of a normal blog. Along with the gallery layout, DeepFocus comes with a robust blog and CMS-style homepage as well, making it an amazing solution for artists/photographers looking to build an online presence.
DeepFocus Theme
19. Axis – Free
Axis is a new fullscreen portfolio wordpress theme. This is a premium quality theme with features on par with paid themes. The theme use WordPress 3 features like Custom post types, Custom taxonomies, Custom menus, featured thumbnails etc. This will be a n ideal theme for professionals to exhibit their portfolio in style.
Axis Theme
20. Envisioned
Envisioned is a beautiful and powerful portfolio theme that enables you to easily create professional, multi-media galleries. Envisioned has the most powerful gallery features, allowing you to produce versatile layouts of various sizes and aspect ratios.
Envisioned Theme
21. Photoria – Free
Photoria is a simple & stylish theme ready to be used for your Photoblog or Portfolio website.
Photoria Theme
22. ePhoto
ePhoto was created for those looking to turn their blog into a photo gallery. While the theme was created with photographers in mind, it can certainly be used to display any type of digital imagery.
ePhoto Theme
23. June – Free
June is a photo gallery theme. This theme is useful for photographers or other creative professionals to setup a photo gallery site based on WordPress.
June Theme
24. Penafiel
Penafiel is clean and responsive Photography & Portfolio WordPress theme. You can use this theme for your portfolio or show your photos (Photographers for ex.).
Penafiel Theme
25. Photostore
The Photostore theme is an incredibly elegant WordPress theme designed for Photographers. Every intricate detail has been carefully designed and developed to make sure that your photography/creative-based website is a breeze to set up.
Photostore Theme
26. Photographer
Professionally showcase and sell your photography with the fully responsive Photographer Theme. This theme was created with the photographer in mind, featuring a minimal design that focuses on the photography.
Organic Themes Photographer
27. Photolist
A minimalist theme for Photographers and bloggers alike with features such as image filters and a unique gallery slider.
Photolist Theme
28. Picks
A beautiful photography theme built for pros, instagrammers and photographers. Easily showcase albums of your kitten, photo shoot or panoramics. Whether you’re a pro with a Canon 5D and 10 lenses or a casual instagrammer, Picks has you covered with easy functionality and photo-focused layouts.
Picks Theme
29. Showroom
Looking for a creative and professional way to present your photography or your portfolio? Showroom is what you need. This theme comes with a whole set of cool features like a fixed Sidebar, Page Alignment, Featured Images and different style variations, which allow you to create your own unique look.
30. Art Gallery
Showcase your art, photography, design work or even print. If you think of your work as art, this is the wordpress theme for you.
Art Gallery Theme
31. PhotoNote
PhotoNote is a complex theme built for photographers. It includes 3 pre-defined styles and allows you to display photos and videos in multiple ways in posts.
PhotoNote Theme
32. Neptune – Free
Neptune is a free WordPress theme by WPExplorer.com that’s perfect for portfolio, gallery and photography websites to showcase photos. The theme has been setup using a custom post type for the portfolio so you can add your portfolio items, organize them into categories and show them off on the homepage.
Neptune Theme
33. Photobox
Photobox is designed for photographers and artists to showcase their works.
Photobox Theme
34. Slide
Slide is a responsive WordPress theme that allows you to present slideshows in complete fullscreen mode. The posts are opened elegantly in an animated lightbox window, allowing the next or previous post to be viewed in the lightbox without exiting the window.
Slide Theme
35. PhotoTouch
PhotoTouch is a beautiful photo theme designed with mobile devices in mind. It features a gallery/slideshow that mimics the iPhone native Photos app. User can swipe or press arrow keys to go through the photos, double tap, auto play, pinch and expand, etc. Combined with the responsive design and slider, PhotoTouch is a perfect theme to showcase your photo portfolios.
PhotoTouch Theme
36. Galerie
Galerie is a photography portfolio WordPress theme for photo enthusiasts and professional photographers. It allows you to publish your photos and present them in the best way possible.
Galerie Theme
37. Lensa – Free
Lensa is a full-screen WordPress gallery theme designed for those of you who are addicted to high-resolution photography. With Lensa, your visitors will be immersed in your world, seeing what you see through your camera lenses. With its dramatic full-screen background slideshow effects, Lensa functions as an exclusive online photo gallery that looks equally awesome on desktops, tablets and smartphones.
Lensa Theme
38. PhotoArtist
If you are a photographer looking to showcase your work in style then let us present you your soon to be portfolio website.
PhotoArtist Theme
39. PhotoFrame
PhotoFrame is a clean, refined and responsive photography / blogging theme. It’s the perfect theme for photographers, designers, filmmakers, and creative professionals for sharing and managing your work online.
PhotoFrame Theme
40. Narcilicious
Oh, how lovely it would be if you could keep all the memories of those great times of your life. Freeze the moments, post them online and share them with your loved ones, no matter where they are. Narcilicious helps you achieve exactly that. It turns WordPress into a good looking online photo album.
Narcilicious Theme
41. Artist
Artist is a 100% Responsive theme created for illustrators, videographers, photographers, and other creatives looking to present their work on an ultra-professional website. It embraces cutting-edge design trends & tech, looks amazing, and is guaranteed to adapt to your unique style of work.
Artist Theme
42. Photographia
Are you photographer? Need a website to showcase your beautiful photos? Whether you are an amateur or a pro, Photographia is here to highlight your masterpieces.
Photographia Theme
43. Stock Photography
Turn your web site into a stock photography business. Manage your portfolio, blog and stock photography business all from one site and keep 100% of all sales.
Stock Photography


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