Use Nightlife to create a modern events directory with responsive design and clean looks. Advanced monetization options enable you to create payment plans and charge users to submit content on your site.
Nightlife Theme
Create a modern events directory
Nightlife will do a lot more than just store events like a normal directory – it will make them come to life! The homepage slider showcases events beautifully and can even be set to show static images instead of events. Featured events can be set for both the homepage and category page while advanced search options guarantee that no event will go unnoticed. Google Maps support enables new ways of finding events, and Nightlife allows you to create as many map pages as you want!

Allow visitors to submit events
Nightlife is a user-generated directory theme meaning every registered member can submit an event. Of course, you can keep the submissions for yourself if you wish. The submission form is completely customizable meaning you can easily create new input fields or edit existing ones. The admin (you) can submit events from both the front-end user area and the back-end admin area. User submitted events can be published automatically or held for moderation – completely your call.

Monetize the submission form
Nightlife comes with a built-in suite of monetization features. Enable users to submit free events or create pricing plans and charge for individual submissions or subscriptions. With advanced currency options you can set the theme to use virtually any currency. To keep it interesting Nightlife comes with a coupon module allowing you to run various promotions and discounts without the need for any additional scripts of plugins.

Sell Tickets
Have visitors that want to to sell tickets using your site? You can do that with Nightlife? Nightlife is completely compatible with the free WooCommerce plugin which means you can sell other things and not necessarily only tickets. The number of available tickets is limited by the stock value set in the plugin, making the whole experience very intuitive. All the money earned by selling tickets goes to you (the admin), it is your job to forward the money to event organizers.

Start a community
Participation and interaction are the cornerstones of every community; Nightlife is designed with both those things in mind. As mentioned earlier, all registered members can post events, but that’s not all…RSVP functionality allows each user to mark events he/she plans on visiting. Those same events will then be displayed inside the user dashboard. What’s more, the actual event will display a list of all event participants. Deep Facebook integration enables members to login and display their Facebook events. It also allows you (the admin) to showcase Facebook events using a unique page template.
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