Metro Rox

Metro Rox is a HTML5 WordPress Metro Multipurpose theme. The fast, easy, light theme will decorate almost any site on wordpress. It is easy to customize and arrives with REAL QuickStart Installation Package for wordpress.It is fast loading and compatible >IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc. This theme includes a rich documentation where you can find documentation, tutorials and find code snippets on how to customize the theme. So “Metro” is here at Themerox for your perfect choice.
Metro Rox Theme
Theme Features:

  • Responsive grid system
  • WordPress 3.2+ support
  • Stunning new administrator interface
  • XML driven with overrides for unprecedented levels of customization
  • Powerful built-in fields
  • Per override level control over any configuration parameter
  • Preset any combination of configuration parameters, and save custom presets
  • Built-in extensible AJAX communication layer
  • RTL language support
  • More with LESS
  • Flexible grid layout system for unparalleled control over block sizes
  • Optimized codebase with speed, size, and reuse core tenets of the framework design
  • Growl-style event notifications
  • Responsive HTML5 base template
  • 65 base widget positions
  • 38 possible layout combinations for mainbody and sidebars
  • 4 Column Mainbody
  • Many built-in widgets and gizmos such as font-sizer, Google PrettyPrint, Google Analytics, to-top smooth slider, etc.
  • Ability to force ‘blank’ widget positions for even more advanced layout customization
  • Flexible parameter system with ability to set parameters via URL, Cookie, Session, Presets, etc.
  • Advanced typography
  • WordPress base styling
  • Automatic per-browser-level CSS and JS control

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