Dating is a dating and community themes for WordPress that is ideal for Online Dating, Agency or hosting Community Websites. It is fully customisable, easy to use, comes pre-packaged with a host of extra features, including paid membership, user profiles, private messaging, chat rooms and Invitation, real time audio and video chat, Online Status Indicator, Member Gifts/winks, Distance Calculator, Favorites List, Custom Fields and Advanced Search. Dating is fully responsive and has been optimized for tablet and mobile platforms. It also is retina optimized to resulting in sharper images and a cleaner viewing experience, as well SEO friendly.

Dating theme
Theme Features:
• 100% Responsive
Responsive design is a must have for any serious online business.
• Retina Ready
Retina display devices show more pixels per square inch, resulting in sharper images and a cleaner viewing experience.
• Online Status Indicator
Website visitors can easily see which users are online and which are not with our built in online status indicator.
• Built in Chat room
This theme comes with a built in chat room for your members to chat. It maybe basic but it gets the job done and can easily be swapped out for other chat room software with our extra plugins.
• Member Gifts/winks
Let your members send free gifts to each other to help them get conversation started. This is a great feature that really helps bring your website alive
• Chat room Invitation
Members can invite other members who are online to chat with them in your chat room. Once the request is sent a pop-up will appear on the received end informing them of the request.
• Custom Fields and Advanced Search
With our dating theme you can setup as many custom fields as you like allowing you to create websites for all niche markets. You can then setup the fields to be searchable and add them to your advanced search tool.
• Listing Enhancements
Members can enhance their Profiles with new features such as featured text, highlighted Profiles, HTML descriptions. Each enhancement you can charge extra $$$ for making it a great revenue resource.
• Images, Video, Music & Doc Uploads
Our Dating Theme supports a range of different media types allowing your members to upload and share their content with ease. The upload process is clean and simple making it easy for users to add Profiles.
• Distance Calculator
This great feature lets users find matches that are closest to them. Using the location and GEO options built into the theme users can set their current location and find matches nearby.
• Drag & Drop Home Page Layouts
Adding and removing content from your home page is ease with our home page management tool. You can simply drag and drop the content you want onto your home page and adjust the text/images as necessary.
• Favorites List
• Online Payments
• Customizable

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