6 Best WordPress & Blogging Books 2014

From casual bloggers to front end designers to back end code ninja’s, we’re here to uncover the best of the best in WordPress based resources to help you grown, learn, and maybe even get rich all while having fun!

There are many different resources out there tailored to different people with different focuses and different levels of experience. Though a daunting task that is sure to run over some fingers and toes, we aim to highlight, showcase, and bring to light some awesome reads.

In this series, we will provide our first take our first stab at some basic but also some advanced WordPress, Blogging, and plugin books that should be essential repitors within any up-coming WordPress users & developers library. Let it be know, this is only the tip of the iceberg! So let’s get those reading glasses ready and a cup of coffee at hand, and sit down for a good solid reading!

Our Top 6 Best WordPress & Blogging Books:


31 Days to Build a Better Blog 31 build a better blog

Join 19,000 other bloggers and kick-start your blog with this 31 day challenge 31 Days to Build a Better Blog is for bloggers at different stages of their blogging including:

  • You’ve just started a blog and don’t know what to do next
  • You’ve had a blog for a while but it’s stalled in its growth
  • You’re a blogger with bloggers block and lacking inspiration.

With the guidence of this book, you’ll have achieved the following by the end of the 31 days:

  • published a variety of different types and styles of posts
  • learned techniques for coming up with new post ideas
  • promoted your blog in a variety of ways and found new readers
  • deepened reader engagement with current readers
  • reached out to and developed working relationships with other bloggers
  • developed an editorial calendar for your blog going forward
  • discovered ways to be more connected to your niche/topic
  • designed a plan for the next month of your blogging
  • … and much more.

Definitely a good read and practice as after following the 31 steps, you’ll have transformed you blog into a valuable online asset.

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Guide to Blogging for Your Business blogging for your business

As a business owner you don’t have the time to take the trial and error approach, you need help from someone who’s done it all before and can show you how to build a successful blog for your business, right from the start.

In this 143 page eBook, business owner, activist, and blogging coach Mark Hayward guides you through creating a successful online presence for your business.

By the time you’re finished this eBook will have helped you:

  • Set up a WordPress blog
  • Conduct targeted keyword research
  • Understand your online competition
  • Build a strong social media footprint
  • Set a successful business blogging strategy

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Professional WordPress: Design and Development
Professional WordPress Design and Development

This book covers WordPress development and design concepts above and beyond version features and provides a foundation for future development as WordPress is updated.

Within this book, you’ll find helpful examples, code downloads, and real-world tips from real-world developers, all of which reflect the current needs of developers. Each chapter has been reworked to provide the most up-to-date and correct methods for developing and designing in WordPress. This essential resource provides you with all you need to deploy successful WordPress sites.

Professional WordPress, Second Edition:

  • Offers a code overview and provides the most up-to-date advice for working with WordPress locally
  • Highlights custom post types, custom taxonomy, and meta data
  • Features coverage of plugin and theme development
  • Discusses WordPress as a content management system as well as its role in the enterprise and developer community
  • Combines a developer view of user experience and optimization with the deployment requirements for performance, security, and measurement

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Web Designer’s Guide to WordPress: Plan, Theme, Build, Launch

Web Designer's Guide to WordPress

This book is your complete guide to mastering WordPress theme development, covering everything from installation to leveraging the community and resources to improve your WordPress skills for years to come.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Install WordPress and work on a development server
  • Create site plans and content architecture
  • Develop basic through advanced WordPress themes
  • Maintain responsive design integrity

The author, Jesse Friedman introduces you to the system and its uses systemically and in a balanced way. A solid resource for  anyone looking to jump into WordPress for your business or blog, or even just looking to expand your skill-set as a designer or developer.

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Teach Yourself VISUALLY WordPress teach yourself wordpress visually

Ideal for the visual learner, Teach Yourself VISUALLY WordPress, Second Edition introduces you to the exciting possibilities of the newest version of WordPress and helps you get started, step by step, with creating and setting up a WordPress site.

Author and experienced WordPress user Janet Majure shares advice, insight, and best practices for taking full advantage of all that WordPress has to offer.

  • Presents completely updated coverage of new mobile blogging solutions
  • Shares advice on customizing sites through use of plug-ins and themes and custom site editing
  • Details more advanced procedures for self-hosted bloggers, including buying a domain, getting a web host, and installing WordPress
  • Demonstrates key points with examples from the author’s own WordPress blogs

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Professional WordPress Plugin Developmentprofessional wordpress plugin development

This comprehensive book shows you how plugins work, reviews the tools and APIs available in WordPress, and demonstrates how to extend the functionality of WordPress with plugins.

The trio of established authors provides a practical, solutions-based approach along with a collection of timely examples and plenty of code, all aimed at clearly explaining how to create a plugin file, work with users, integrate widgets, add menus and submenus, secure your plugins, and more.

You will quickly come to understand how to develop custom plugins so that you can take WordPress to the next corporate and enterprise level.

  • Details the range of complexity in plugins, from a very simple plugin to an extremely elaborate social network package
  • Addresses how to integrate into WordPress, save settings, create widgets and shortcodes, and implement uninstall
  • Learn the proper techniques for storing data, customizing user roles, and security best practices
  • Shares techniques for using custom post types and creating and using custom taxonomies
  • How to create plugins for WordPress Multisite networks
  • Integrate user and role management
  • Explores the HTTP API, JavaScript and AJAX, Cron, the Rewrite API, and more

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