15 Best Personal WordPress Blogging Themes – June 2013

As the leading CMS platform of almost all kinds of website, WordPress is still the best choice for building a personal blog today. Here we collected 15 out of the best personal WordPress blogging themes for June. Whether you like an elegant personal blog with refined typography and aesthetics or a minimal blog to give your content the most attention, you can find the right theme in this collection. Tumblog style WordPress themes are design for easy reading and maximized user experience. Themes compatible with WooCommerce provide the extendable optimization of advertising revenue. You could choose one as you need.

Here are more best personal WordPress blogging theme collections we’ve previously posted:

1. Hoarder
A grid-based, layout-shuffling, finger licking theme with support for all sorts of content – it’s responsive to boot. Show off galleries, quotes, links, video, audio, or good old standard posts. With three different home page templates, you’re sure to find a look to suit your blogging needs.
Hoarder Theme
Split is a pearly white, minimal and crisp WordPress theme that features a functional dual sidebar and dual post layout on the homepage. With a design optimized for maximized user experience, advertising revenue and readability, Split will take your blog to the next level.
Split Theme
3. Mi
Mi is a dead-simple WordPress theme for showcasing your content. That’s it.
Mi Theme
4. Shift
Shift is a tumblog style WordPress theme with all post formats support, based on a responsive and eye popping design optimised for viewing on high resolution displays too.
Shift Theme
5. Wildfire
Wildfire is a traditional WordPress magazine theme that features plenty of white space and a clean, crisp and sleek minimal design. With a hint of color, a traditional layout, and full responsiveness, Wildfire is optimized to help your blog succeed.
Wildfire Theme
6. Personal
A customizable content-first theme tailored for writers, journalists and bloggers. One of the cleanest and minimal themes in our collection, it promotes your content with its homely feel.
Personal Theme
7. Raiden
Raiden is an elegant personal blogging WordPress theme with refined typography and aesthetics. Offering support for all 10 WordPress Post Formats, this theme is ideal for your personal Blog. Raiden also has an optional View Mode Switcher that optimizes the reading experience according to the lighting conditions.
Raiden Theme
8. Bold
The Bold Theme features a modern, bold design that doesn’t overwhelm viewers with an excessive amount of content. The simplistic, bold layout and video capabilities lend itself perfectly to next generation businesses, videographers, animators, video bloggers and more.
Organic Themes Bold
9. Fable
Fable is beautiful theme built for blogging. The theme tells a story by building a visual narrative through post variation. Fable is built for easy reading. Its spacious, full-width, and long-format style makes scrolling a pleasurable journey.
Fable Theme
10. On Topic
On Topic’s usage is intended for an optimal reading experience. Primarily intended as a blogging theme, the homepage includes a switcher to jump between recent blog posts and a grid of topics. On Topic is also compatible with WooCommerce for a truly diverse and extendable WooThemes experience.
On Topic Theme
11. Minimalist
Minimalist is a clean, minimal theme for users who want their content to shine. With Minimalist, your content is highlighted through subtle accents in the design, without creating a distracting experience for the user. With a fluid grid, Minimalist is responsive and will adjust to any situation you use it for.
Minimalist Theme
12. Bloggap
Looking to give your visitors a fun new way to browse your latest posts, display loads of content in a beautifully simple and cool way then Bloggap is great choice for you. The theme is responsive, meaning it will look and work great on all screen resolutions and mobile devices as well.
Bloggap Theme
13. NYC
NYC is the perfect WordPress theme for bloggers who share any type of content. Audio, videos, links, images, image galleries and more!
NYC Theme
14. Molly
Molly is another perfect WordPress theme for bloggers who share any type of content. Audio, videos, links, images, image galleries and more!
Molly Theme
15. Easy Blog
“Easy Blog” is a minimal and super clean WordPress theme design with focus on readability. Easy Blog is an elegant personal blogging WordPress theme with refined typography, responsive design, unlimited style colors and easy to read.
Easy Blog Theme
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