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Themify Builder is a drag & drop framework that lets you arrange content by dragging and dropping with live preview. Unlike other drag & drop frameworks, Themify Builder provides easy to use user interface which allows you to arrange the content blocks on the frontend by dragging and dropping. In other words, what you see is what you get. The content blocks can be built using various modules: Text, Slider, Video, Image, Post, Gallery, Tab, Accordion, Menu, etc. It works on all post types such as post, page, and any custom post types registered by plugins such as WooCommerce. Also, shortcodes are supported within the Builder modules. Not to mention that Themify Builder is completely responsive and works on desktop and mobile devices. Watch the video below to see how it works and check this demo site built with the Builder.

Responsive designs that work on desktop and mobile browsers.

Drag & Drop
Arrange content blocks and rows by dragging and dropping.

Live Preview
Edit everything live on frontend. What you see is what you get.

All Post Types
Support any post types such as Post, Page, WooCommerce, etc.

Run any Themify or third party shortcodes within the Builder.

Preset Designs
Builder comes with many preset layouts and colors.
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  • markgray

    Love the front-end editing bit. Should be standard 🙂 Nice job with the video intro.


    I watched the video and it really looks good. What I don’t understand is if the layout is per page or per template. In the video one page was modified, but what if I want all the pages or posts etc to have that style/structure, but with different content? I other words, can I apply Themify to template pages as well?

    • Yes, but it is only available with Themify themes. More detail


        Thanks for the reply. So I can use a childtheme based on the basic Themify theme? And what about widgets? Can they also be positioned anywhere or do they have to stick in their own sidebar or footer? I’m asking this if wanted to use a specific plugin/widget inside one of the layouts.

        Strange to see, in the video, that the write panel is not used for adding text. Is this always the case or just with that page/template in the video?

        • Hi, we are not the developer of Themify Builder and we didn’t test some plugins or widgets for this framework. So we are sorry we can’t give you a definitive answer. We suggest you send a ticket via or make some search from the offical forum Hope this can help you. Thank!