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WordPress has made some huge strides including the most recent release of version 4.7.1 to a very different makeover, inside and out. WordPress continues to speed forward as the most well recognized and most used CMS systems out there.


With WordPress’s growth and popularity, comes awesome creative minds that seek to fully utilize this powerful WordPress blogging engine to churn out amazing designs and themes. New designs and new improvements this year continue to amaze and awe us – from amazing functionality to mind blowing parallax sliders. Definite trends this year revolved around strip away the complex, and leaving the basics. Afterall, what better way to showcase and highlight amazing content than simplicity.


Best WordPress Themes


We continue to be excited and eager to see both for the WordPress engine as well as how authors and developers will use its functions for ingenious designs that embrace user functionality.


It is no easy task to pick any specific WordPress theme to be a overall winner. Different themes are structured and created to meet specific uses and niches. Functionalities and style requirements of a theme by a restaurant will be very different from that of a app developer or of a affiliate site as different messages need to be portrayed in different mediums.


We have therefor broken down our selection of some of the Best wordPress themes by category. These themes were selected for their premium quality – from their style to their unique forms and amazing functionalities. Download away, be creative, and have fun!


Our collections of the Best WordPress Themes:

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